“I can’t emphasize enough the collaboration we have with Profit Power. They are a great partner to help us navigate an industry that keeps changing. The knowledge base of the Profit Power Team and their culture makes Profit Power a great company to work with.
–Tina Eick, CFO Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel


Executive Summary

Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel has 19 offices and over 600 sales associates located throughout Southern Michigan. They started using Profit Power in 2012 after getting feedback from other Coldwell Banker franchises on its effectiveness of Profit Power.


The back office software Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel was using prior to Profit Power didn’t offer much in the way of support or training.

“When I came into the company in 2010, it was a few years after we had implemented our previous back office software and it was the worse implementation I ever experienced in my career. The training and support were nonexistent and the reports were not useful,” said Tina Eick, CFO of Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel when asked about the challenges with her previous back office software.

“Our previous vendor didn’t have any dedicated training, let alone an option for onsite training. There was no way we were going to improve on the poor implementation by the time I had started working with the software” continued Eick.

Why Profit Power?

Realizing that they needed to make a change, Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel started to ask their peers in the Coldwell Banker network what they were using.

After hearing about Profit Power and getting some positive recommendations, Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel wasted no time and began the process of transitioning off of their old back office software and onto Profit Power.

“We noticed a difference right away with the flexibility of Profit Power and the experience of the team. The knowledge base is vast and the experience of the team was very helpful during implementation and continues to remain so” said Eick.

Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel realized that with Profit Power they would improve their reporting, become more efficient in managing and closing deals, and saw the potential for integrations with other software vendors. 

"I can't emphasize the collaboration we feel with Profit Power as we develop new processes, look to become more efficient and look for better reporting. Whenever I have anyone reach out to ask me about Profit Power I tell them about the great support, training, and knowledge base that comes with Profit Power on top of the efficiencies we have gained", continued Eick.  

 Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans

Profit Power has had very positive effects for Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel. The fact that reports were accurate and provide useful metrics that can be used to make better decisions was a big improvement from the previous back office software. Since going live with Profit Power Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel has made two major acquisitions and has been able to bring those companies into their fold without needing to add additional staff. “Profit Power has allowed us to grow quite a bit without needing to add a lot of costs. It has fit very nicely into our business model and growth plans” according to Eick.

“Knowing that we can continue to grow because Profit Power is robust enough to handle our growth and the support team is knowledgeable enough to help us as we add new companies is a great thing” added Eick.