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Posted by Ron Hurak on May 28, 2020 10:52:33 AM
Ron Hurak
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We are certainly living in unprecedented times which call for businesses in all industries to look for ways to get through the global pandemic and be ready to succeed when the economy rebounds. By having a forward thinking mindset, real estate brokers can survive and strive amidst the toughest challenges.

Real Estate Brokers that maintain success do so because they don’t rest upon their past wins. They understand the importance of planning and improving their company's performance for sustained success and future growth. As a technology provider that works with the most successful residential real estate brokers in the country, we have observed several trends that allow the top brokers to maintain a high level of success. 

How Do Forward Thinking Brokers Maintain Success? 

  1. By creating an environment for effective and efficient processes that feed their knowledge base and provides for real time accurate business intelligence and performance analysis.
  2. They use all and any resources necessary to assist them in obtaining their objectives including but not limited to outside consultants, advisors, partnerships, suppliers, and collaboration with like-minded brokerages.
  3. They constantly train their executive, administrative, and marketing teams to expose them to new methods, procedures, and skills.
  4. By reviewing their technology platforms to eliminate inefficiencies, critical errors, and potential shortfalls.
  5. Staying open minded to new concepts, ideas, suggestions, products, and services that can assist them in growing their business and maintaining their competitive position within their marketplace.
  6. Copying others. Great ideas can often come from outside an organization. Yet, another great reason to join a collaboration of like-minded (yet non-competitive) broker owners.
  7. Discussing challenges and opportunities with those who might be experiencing the same situation allows for creativity and thinking "outside the box".

Of course there are many other factors that contribute to the success or failure of a real estate brokerage. These are just a few important principles to always keep in mind when it comes to planning for growth and profitability.






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