Profit Power Case Study: Carolina One Real Estate

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"We have always been very particular with how we produce reports. Once we learned Profit Power, and that we could have reports structured with the details we wanted, there was no looking back.”  
- Missi Moody – Accounting Manager   

Carolina One Real Estate, based in Charleston, South Carolina, has been in business for over 50 years. With 17 offices and 1000 agents, they are the real estate market leader in the Charleston area. Carolina One went live with Profit Power in January of 2013. Prior to that they were using an antiquated software that lacked flexibility and reporting options.
Carolina One Real Estate was using an older legacy back office software prior to finding Profit Power. At first, their accounting group didn’t think they had much to gain by making a change to a new back office software. They had conformed to the software they were using and looked at making any change as a hindrance. Yet, after a few meetings with the Profit Power team, they realized they could configure and customize much of the software. They saw the benefits of working with a team who were focused on providing solutions versus just software.

Why Profit Power?
Initially, what drew Carolina One to consider a change was realizing the reporting flexibility that Profit Power offered.

Missi Moody has been working in the Carolina One accounting department since 1986. She recounts what initially drew them to consider a change to Profit Power.

“We have always been very particular with how we produce reports. Once we learned Profit Power, and that we could have reports structured with the details we wanted, there was no looking back.”

Reporting was just one of the major factors that made Profit Power a good decision for Carolina One.

“Profit Power was able to help us become more effective as a department and a company as a whole because we could use Profit Power in the branch locations to enter in listings, sales, and escrow. A few years later we were able to integrate our Transaction Management software, SkySlope which makes us even more efficient and takes away duplicate entry” said Moody.

As a solutions partner, the Profit Power team continues to work with each customer to help make data entry more efficient, reports more effective, and seek out integrations with third party vendors.

Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans
Carolina One has been able to use the online reporting capabilities of Profit Power to upgrade the detailed information of how the company is performing. They have also been able to create custom reports for the many different types of transactions they process.

“Our managers have access to reports and can pull up information to help coach their agents. In the past that was left up to us in accounting and it wasn’t efficient. Now, with that all being made available to managers, they can do their jobs without our intervention” said Moody when asked about reporting efficiencies. “We have been able to create reports that are specific to our business. We have a New Homes division that looks at things differently and we have been able to customize reports specific to them. Same with Vacation Rentals. We can customize reports and other aspects of Profit Power for how we specifically run our business.”

“The improvement in our closing process is another big upgrade that we have made since implementing Profit Power. We’ve been able to get a lot more done without more work and resources being used” continued Moody. “We would definitely recommend Profit Power to other real estate brokerages looking to become more efficient and gain better reporting.”


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