Profit Power Case Study: Better Homes and Gardens The Good Life Group

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“When we started looking at Profit Power to replace our back office software and doing our due diligence on the features and functionality, we were pretty amazed at what we had found."

Eden Anderson – Accounting Manager
Better Homes and Gardens The Good Life Group                  


Better Homes and Gardens The Good Life Group is based in Omaha, NE. They currently have four offices and 250 agents in the Omaha area, and have plans to expand into Iowa by the end of the year. They started using Profit Power at the beginning of 2020 and have been able to improve many aspects of their business.


Before using Profit Power, Better Homes and Gardens The Good Life Group used a start-up back office software that had promised many features. However, they found over time that these promises were not going to come to pass. There were challenges with downloading reports, and they weren’t able to integrate with other software programs. When they approached their vendor to implement a new set of commissions, they were told they would be better off finding a new software vendor. These reasons, along with the lack of strong or timely support from their back office vendor, led the management team at Better Homes and Gardens The Good Life Group to the inevitable decision of starting the search for a new back office accounting solution. 

Why Profit Power?

The next step was to find a vendor who could offer:

  • Accurate reports.
  • Integration with their franchise reporting system, Dash.
  • The ability to implement new commission plans without workarounds or extreme customizations.
  • A strong support team that promptly responds to issues and offers suggestions and best back office management practices.

Eden Anderson, Accounting Manager at Better Homes and Gardens The Good Life Group, spoke to LanTrax about the process of finding a new vendor and why they chose Profit Power.

“When we started looking at Profit Power to replace our back office software and doing our due diligence on the features and functionality, we were pretty amazed at what we had found. We were a little bit jaded from our previous experiences with other vendors, and we didn’t expect to find something that did everything we needed. It was pretty surprising that Profit Power was true to their word and didn’t sell us on anything they didn’t do. That was very refreshing for us and gave us the confidence to move forward with Profit Power.”

On the training and implementation process, Anderson added, “We had such a positive experience going through training and implementation of Profit Power. We met regularly for about three months, and the training and implementation went very smoothly. Anytime we had questions, they answered them in a timely manner. They took care to make sure our past data was imported correctly, our commission plans worked, our reporting was accurate, and our connection to Dash was properly configured. This was very impressive to us."

Results, Return on Investment, and Recommendations

Since going live with Profit Power, Better Homes and Gardens The Good Life Group has successfully integrated other software platforms to streamline their workflow and reduce data entry errors.

“To have confidence in the output of data has been such a huge improvement for us as a  company,” Anderson mentioned when talking about their experiences using Profit Power over the past year.

“We’ve been able to successfully integrate our Transaction Management software, DotLoop, into Profit Power. This integration allows us to correct data before closings which helps us to be more efficient with everyone who touches accounting data."

“We’ve also integrated Profit Power with our bank and have ACH direct deposit set up for all our agents' commission payments which is another improvement since implementing Profit Power. Now, the integration with Dash is a click of a button. We had some special requests with this integration, and the implementation team was able to customize our feed for us, and we now have seamless integration with Dash whereas we had nothing before.”

“The accuracy of data that flows in and out of Profit Power and the trust we have in our processes now is so refreshing.”

Anderson also discussed how Profit Power had a positive downline effect for agents.

“On the brokerage side, we are now able to provide our agents with valuable data to help them with their business. We never had this ability in the past, and it has improved communication within the company.”

As for the company’s experience the past year using Profit Power, Anderson said, “We increased our total volume by 40% this year while lessening the time spent in processing commissions and closing deals despite the increased volume.”

“Switching to Profit Power was the best decision we made as a company last year. I can’t imagine working with another system at this point. Profit Power is built to work with how you need things to work, and the support you receive is proactive and always timely. I would recommend other brokerages to check out Profit Power if they have challenges with their current back office software and are looking to work with a knowledgeable team who is always there to help.”

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