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Posted by Patrick on Jan 15, 2019 3:30:00 PM

Real estate brokers spend a lot of time and money attempting to differentiate themselves from their competition. Finding a niche in your market by cultivating an image of professionalism, superb customer service, or overall convenience for buyers or sellers are ways to stand apart in your market. With this in mind, what about implementing a rock solid strategy for online lead follow-up?  

Here are the questions we ask when we encounter a company interested in our real estate lead management software:

1. Is there an efficient plan to make sure all leads are followed up with in a timely manner?

2. Is there accountability to your agents who may be receiving leads direct from the company website?

3. Are your lead channels being looked at to see who is driving you business and who is not?

The bottom line is having a plan that is clearly communicated from the top down is essential in making sure the leads you’re attracting are being managed efficiently. You may think you’re doing a good job as a company of following up with all those leads you've invested so much time and money to attract. However, without constant monitoring of your process it is difficult to know it you're standing out from the competition when it comes to lead follow-ups and conversions. Here are a few more questions to ask yourself to see if you’re truly being efficient when it comes to managing your leads:

1. Do you have a single solution that tracks all incoming lead sources, assignments, follow-ups, and conversions?

2. Can you run reports that break down the first response and subsequent follow-ups?

3. Can you measure which of your lead sources are giving you the best Return On Investment?

4. Do you keep your agents accountable if they are not following lead response guidelines?

5. Can you automatically send out leads to agents as they are submitted?

6. Do you have a way to nurture leads that have gone cold or dead?

If you’re unsure or the answer to one or more of these questions then it is time to explore a change

It’s a new year and it is time to measure how effective your branding and marketing initiatives are in driving potential customers your way, and if those potential customers are being assigned out to the right agents and properly followed-up with.

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