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Posted by Patrick on Jun 29, 2018 1:19:33 PM

One of the biggest advantages of working with large real estate companies is that our real estate back office software has evolved and has become flexible enough so that the nuance of a particular non-standard real estate sales contract doesn’t cause you to have to do workarounds in your back office software.

We have learned quite well over the years that when the sale of a house occurs, there are all kinds of data points  that need to be tracked and accounted for:

  • buyer and seller and sometimes multiple buyers or sellers
  • sales associates from competing brokerages
  • agent teams
  • referral fees
  • business partners
  • agent accounts receivables
  • and of course commission checks
For large real estate firms that are processing over one hundred transactions per day, getting stuck and not being able to input a transaction is not an option. Having the confidence that your software solution isn’t going to be a bottleneck that holds up the processing of a transaction and payment to an associate is what you should be striving towards.

That same flexibility expanded over many years for the largest, most successful real estate firms in the nation is now available in our
 Profit Power Standard version. We cover various types of commission plans with ease.

Do you want to offer plans with formulas based:

  • company dollar
  • net to company
  • personal or taxable commission?
  • company less referral as the comparator
All options are available with our commission calculation software.

For smaller brokers who are starting out and doing a handful of transactions per week, recording the sale and calculating an agent’s commission for that particular deal on a spreadsheet will do the job. As your business grows, and more transactions come in, having a battle-tested software solution that was designed to process all the possible contracts and commission calculation scenarios is how you’ll take that leap in growing your business.

Don’t get stuck on the complicated deals.

Don’t make mistakes when processing a deal that will need to be reversed at some later date.

The nightmare of paying an agent incorrectly, for them to find out after they’ve cashed their check, is one you don’t want to deal with if it. If your business is straightforward, the contracts easy to record, and commission payouts mostly standard, there are good solutions out there that can handle the basics. Eventually, opportunities come along that may be too good to pass up, and the pain is felt when the basic solutions or the home-made spreadsheets fall short. We have focused many years of time and energy on building a comprehensive real estate sales contract software that the top real estate companies use. Contact us to see how we can help your company reach the next level! 

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